KPT Development Trust
Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 29th October 2020 via ZOOM
1.Present: Maureen Halkett (Keir, Chair), James Collins-Taylor (Tynron), Sue King-Smith (Tynron), Mel Teale (Penpont), Mizzy Marshall (Penpont), Lorraine Scotson (Penpont), Chris Shirley (Keir).

In Attendance: Senga Greenwood, Development Officer.

  1. Apologies: Robert Gladstone (Keir).
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Accepted as a true record, adopted by Sue, seconded by Mel.
  3. Matters Arising: Hydro claim to JCBF and update on the Community Café on agenda.
  4. Financial Report: Cashflows to September 2020: The cashflow spreadsheets were circulated prior to the meeting. Chris reported that LEADER had agreed a payment to the Trust of £9504.41 with a further £1886.44 coming to the Trust when the final claim had been signed off. Maureen reported that the Trust had been granted £5400 from the Third Sector, for Covid related activities, to be spent before the end of October 2020.
  5. Funding History to 13th October 2020: This paper was also circulated before the meeting. Directors found the presentation of funding received by the Trust useful and there was some discussion around the meaning of ‘All communities’ in the ‘Who Benefits’ column. James requested information on the progress on the outcomes from the Community Action Plan 2017-2027. This was also requested by Sue later in the meeting. Maureen stated that the revised Action Plans from each working group, prepared in January 2020, covered this.
    Maureen suggested including the information on grants received in the Members Bulletin. Lorraine suggested a pictorial representation and offered to help prepare it.
  6. Membership Report: Senga reported the current membership stands at 142. In the period between 8th June and 15th September, 9 new members had joined.
  7. Update on charitable status: Chris reported that there had been no confirmation on charitable status received from the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
  8. Relationship between the Trust and the JCBF: Maureen thanked all present for their helpful comments on the paper previously circulated to Directors. Sue asked how many and which applications for funding from the Trust had been turned down by the JCBF. Maureen answered that there had been two: funding for community noticeboards and funding for a community hub feasibility study.
    Maureen stated that money coming from the Hydro would not be an issue in the immediate future as the accountant had suggested such income would be transferred on an annual basis so this would not happen until October 2021 at the earliest.
    James was concerned that the relationship between the Trust and the JCBF should be addressed as soon as possible. All agreed that a meeting with the JCBF and representatives from the Trust should be taken forward when it was possible to do so.
    There was some discussion around confidentiality as Sue had not been aware that the paper had been sent to directors as a confidential document. Chris answered that it was sent on 20th October by e-mail noting that it was ‘confidential to directors only’.
    Chris agreed to prepare a paper on the background to the JCBF, its relationship to the Trust and its responsibilities in relation to the distribution of windfarm monies.
  9. Development Officer and Trust Office – Review
    Mel stated that there was no space in the proposed café for all the furniture and equipment currently in the office.
    Maureen suggested one director from each community be involved in the review. This was accepted. Maureen will chair initially and Sue, Lorraine and Chris will take this forward.
  10. Village Hall Broadband: Chris reported that a new start had been made on this project following limited progress last year. Contact has been made with the secretaries of the respective village hall committees and two had responded. It was important to establish that the village halls had official addresses before any broadband connection could be made. Mizzy thought this was the responsibility of D & G Council and offered to check if it were the case.
  11. Community Hydro: Sue’s report had been circulated earlier noting that the scheme had been commissioned and started operating on 6th October 2020. All directors thanked Sue and Gavin for their outstanding work and perseverance in reaching this milestone.
    Sue continued to say that current work involved making the turbine house site safe with fences, handrails for the steps and a turning space for cars. There was some concern about the noise from the turbine but Mizzy had passed the site on a few occasions and thought this issue was minimal.
    Sue extended a welcome to directors to visit the site and make suggestions on how the rest of the land on the site could be used. A job description for a hydro manager had been prepared and some local interest had been received. The post is to be voluntary and will require a commitment of up to 40 hours per annum.
    There followed a discussion on the structure of the Trust and how it has developed. The relationship with the JCBF was raised again. Mel asked for clarity over what level of decision should be taken to the Board of Directors. It was thought that each new project should start with criteria set out by the Board, particularly for as and when additional expenditure is required. Maureen stated a paper addressing these issues has already been produced and this will be circulated again.
    Sue asked when the proposal to create an operating company for the Hydro had been agreed by directors and that a member of the Trust, who had dealt with the charitable status application, had said it was not necessary.
    Maureen replied that the discussions on setting up a trading arm under the charity had been ongoing since January 2020. The recent information from the accountant is that because of the community café coming on stream we need separate companies so that if one fails it doesn’t bring the other one down. She referred to the DTAS paper which states that DT’s achieve their goals by making profits through trading and these profits are used to create community wealth that has a lasting impact on the renewal and improvement of an area. This paper will be circulated to directors.
    This was remitted to a future meeting for further discussion.
  12. Community Café: Mel reported that she had been preparing a business plan for the café and the possibility of crowd funding part of the project. The fitting out of the café is being organised by Ailie Cohen, the owner of the property. Voting for the name of the café – from a short list of six names – will close on Sunday 1st November. A number of volunteers have come forward to assist in the running of the café.
  13. Community Transport: Maureen referred to the paper (previously circulated) and mentioned the community transport initiatives that were already established in adjacent areas. Sue mentioned another active group in South Ayrshire. It was agreed that Senga should make contact with the persons organising community transport in these areas to explore possible links and joint working.
  14. Tracks and Trails: Mizzy reported on the discussions concerning the purchase/leasing of sections of land for the Active Travel Path. The new benches for the Keir to Tynron path have been delivered and are currently stored in the Trust office. Their final location has not yet been decided.
  15. Kickstart: There has been no news from DTAS on this initiative.
  16. AOCB Affordable Housing: The survey has been received today and will be discussed at the next meeting.
    Sue asked if anyone had come forward or been proposed as a director. Maureen answered that as yet no such application has been received but it was ongoing. The constitution allowed for four directors from each community.
  17. Date of next meeting: Thursday 26th November 2020 at 7.00 pm
    (Via ZOOM tbc)

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