Minute of Directors’ Meeting
Thursday 28th January 2021 – 7.00pm conducted via ZOOM

Present: Maureen, Robert, Mel, Sue, James, Mizzy, Lorraine and Chris.

In Attendance: Senga.

Apologies: None.

Adoption of minutes of the previous meetings held on 26th November 2020 and 10th December 2020. Proposed by Robert and seconded by Mizzy.

Matters arising: Paper on trading companies not yet completed. Response from OSCR re: charitable status taken under AOCB.

Financial Report: Cashflows to December 2020.
Maureen will look to account for the overspend.
A grant of £3k has been awarded by Paths for All for a visitor counter for the Active Travel Path but can be used on other paths until the Active Travel Path is built.
£6.12 left in Energy Project budget from original £2k.
Trust Review: Lorraine reported on progress made with the Trust review. All working groups have submitted summaries of their work and future plans. These summaries will be part of an appendix to the final report. Lorraine will have access to a desk-top publishing app. and asked for submissions of illustrations or photographs of the Trust’s work for publication in the report. Photographs to be as high a resolution as possible. Senga will set up a file on Google Drive where material can be sent.
Sue expressed caution over a perceived waste of time and money over a high spec. production. This was noted as an issue for the review group to consider.

Membership Report: No new members reported.

Reports from Working Groups
i). Carbon Reduction Group: Sue reported that the Trust was unable to take up an offer of Climate Emergency Redress (CERF) funding as we are not yet a charity. The group will look to a future application after charity status has been confirmed.
An entry to the My Place Scotland Awards was made two weeks in advance of the deadline only to be told that the deadline had been extended to the end of August 2021.
62MWh has been generated to date. There will be a quarterly report in the newsletter on electricity output and income earned.
There is a balance of £909 left from Green Energy Fund (GEF). The group are still awaiting a quote from Buccleuch for the fence at Intake A and GEF will consider this to be allowable expenditure. It may be that planting a hornbeam hedge at Intake A may suffice and should cost about £60.
Interpretation boards are in preparation and will be paid for from the GEF funds.
ii). Tracks and Trails: Mizzy updated directors on progress with the Active Travel Path. Maureen and Iain had met with Council representatives to discuss the funding of the path construction with Sustrans.
Path maintenance was becoming an issue again, and although it is the Council’s responsibility to maintain the paths in the area, many local residents thought it was the responsibility of the Trust. A path in the Glenmidge area has been identified as part of the path network in the area.
Information panels on the Keir to Tynron path are being prepared and the group are awaiting a decision from Tynron Community Council on the location of a new bench. Sue thought the location had been decided and will check the information.
With regard to the cycling initiative, the bicycle repair stands have been ordered, the location of these still to be decided.
iii). Community Café: Mel reported that Ailie was continuing with the decoration. A meeting was held with Greg Armstrong, joiners, to discuss the kitchen works. Senga has applied for a Covid recovery grant for the start up costs and kitchen adaptation. Phil Wilson has started making the tables and Ailie has prepared a first draft of a lease.
iv). Community Hub: There are 1200 new users. These include the JCBF and Tynron Community Council.
v). Broadband: Chris has sent e-mails to a number of village halls to ask about broadband installations/future plans. No responses received as yet.
vi). Affordable Housing: Possible sites across the three communities were discussed as viable areas for affordable housing development.
The directors thanked Mel for taking the lead on this group over the past few months.
vii) Community Transport: Senga reported that community transport (minibuses) adjacent to the KPT area service our communities. This leaves the Trust to concentrate on e-transport. Further investigation of the possible use of hire e-cars and e-bikes will be carried out through a community survey. This will be prepared by Senga. Sue reminded directors that a charging point at the Hydro site had been mentioned previously and Maureen confirmed that the provision of charging points within the Trust area would be part of the survey.

Relationship with the JCBF: Directors were in receipt of the minute from the joint JCBF/Trust meeting held on 8th December 2020. Following on from this, Keir Community Council had agreed, by a majority, that money from Hydro generation should go directly to the Trust. Tynron Community Council were concerned about the oversight of projects and that money from the Hydro should be spent on specific projects in the Action Plan. It was suggested that requests for expenditure not in the Action Plan could be agreed by the JCBF. This led to a discussion on the dissatisfaction expressed by some Tynron residents on the operation of the Trust – an issue raised by Sue in a previous meeting. James thought the people concerned should be encouraged to put their views forward otherwise the Trust has no idea of what these concerns actually are.
As reported in a previous minute, those involved in the JCBF meeting thought it productive and the JCBF members were complimentary about the achievements of the Trust to date.

Maintenance: Maureen had prepared a paper (circulated) concerning the maintenance of the Hydro sites and paths. Contacts have been suggested in relevant Council departments and Senga has contacted Fiona Daubney to ask about possible maintenance funding. The use of volunteers was raised and it was accepted that running a team of volunteers would take considerable organisation with insurance, training and timetabling being major issues for consideration. The issue of maintenance was remitted to a special meeting two weeks from now.

Trust Website: Now that the website and Hub app. were fully operational, Maureen asked if we had any way of monitoring their use. This will be provided for the next meeting. Mel has created a ‘Green Living’ section on the Hub and asked if anyone could suggest ‘green’ organisations for inclusion. Maureen has information from Zero Waste Scotland.
Directors were reminded that any member of the community could place articles/information on the Hub and James expressed concern about the monitoring of submissions. Mel gave an assurance that all items submitted for the Hub are monitored.

AOCB: Maureen reported that the two ‘Kickstart’ placements the Trust had applied for through DTAS had been placed on hold as the Scottish Government had decided that small organisations could apply for less than 30 placements. Maureen will follow this up and see if the Trust can apply for two placements as originally planned.
A response to the Trust’s application to the OSCR for charitable status has been received. There are some items that need clarification and Maureen, Iain and Chris are meeting on Monday 1st February 2021 (ZOOM) to draw up a reply. A further discussion has been scheduled for 11th February 2021.

Date of special meeting (to discuss OSCR and Maintenance) Thursday 11th February 2021 at 7.00pm via ZOOM.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 25th February 2021 at 7.00pm via ZOOM.

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