Minute of Directors’ Meeting: 10th December 2020

Present: Maureen, Mel, Robert, Sue, James, Mizzy, Lorraine, Chris
In attendance: Senga
Apologies: None.
Adoption of minutes of the previous meeting held on 26th November 2020: not taken.
Matters arising: n/a
Financial Report: Cashflows to November 2020 were circulated before the meeting:
Future of the KPT DT Office: The Trust meeting had been called to discuss this specific issue as it had been raised as a matter of concern at previous meetings. All directors had been asked for their views before the meeting and Chris had prepared a document ‘A Summary of the views of Directors on closing the Trust office in Penpont’ which comprised all of these views, for and against closure. This was circulated to all directors prior to the meeting.
Maureen stated that the main issues were cost and presence in the community. After discussion it was unanimously decided to keep the office open, subject to funding being available beyond May 2021, and to review the decision one year from now.
It was noted that although there were only five months of funding left for the office costs, other funding streams were likely to emerge and that future projects would include an element of management costs.
Meeting with the JCBF: A ZOOM meeting was held on Tuesday 8th December involving three members of the JCBF and four directors: Maureen, Mel, Robert and Chris. All the directors involved felt that the meeting was productive and that the JCBF representatives: Linda MacDonald, Alison Foggie and Innes Carruthers made the case for the role of the JCBF in ensuring the windfarm funds passed to the Trust were properly scrutinised and that there was one point of contact for the Trust in its dealings with the community councils. It was agreed that when applications were made by the Trust to the JCBF for funding, the person leading the project would attend the JCBF meeting to talk to the application and answer any questions prior to a decision being made by the JCBF. With regard to the issue of the Hydro income, Penpont Community Council had already discussed this and agreed that the income should go directly to the Trust. The issue would be raised at the next meetings of the Keir and Tynron Community Councils for a decision.
Broadband in Village Halls: Chris reported that he had been in contact with Plusnet who had given helpful advice in setting up the project. Monthly costs for a standard business connection would be in the region of £18-£20 per month plus VAT. Connection would depend on what was needed as regards infrastructure. This could result in increased costs as none of the village halls had existing connections or recognised addresses. Other issues to be addressed include security. Chris will make contact with other village halls with broadband connections to discuss the project and ask advice on installation and ongoing management.
AOCB: i). Hydro Insurance – Sue reported that although no annual cost was given, NFU Mutual had quoted £347 up to February 2021. Robert suggested the hydro insurance could be cheaper if it was an add-on to the existing Trust insurance. As the Trust’s insurers are NFU Mutual, Sue will discuss possible arrangements with them.
ii). Active Travel Path – although the purchase of the required land had been agreed, Beculeuch Estates had subsequently offered to lease the land on a 50 year lease at a cost of £1 per year. This now needs to be agreed by all parties.
Date of next meeting: Thursday 28th January 2021.

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