With the KPT Development Trust area covering over 71 square miles of some of the most picturesque places in Scotland and the sparse population, it is no wonder that nearly every household has access to a motor vehicle.

However, community transport was identified as a key project in the community consultation published in 2017.

For some people this is about improving the bus service, others it is about electric cars. It may be about providing scooters for young people to get about on or about sharing cars and taking people to hospital appointments etc.


A focus group requires to be set up and visits to other community transport projects organised.

This group will research need and identify what the community means by community transport, before determining what shape this will take.

An initial KPT Transport Survey has been created to help us identify what community opinion is, and to inform KPT Development Trust’s transport and travel strategy, as to whether we should be purchasing electric vehicles (including bikes).  

We would value your feedback, so if you would like to take part in this survey, please follow the link below.  The survey should take no more that 5 minutes to complete.