During the community consultation conducted in 2016/17, many people expressed an interest in us creating and generating our own green energy, particularly using the local landscape.

Carbon reduction is very much at the heart of everything KPT Development Trust does, whether it is developing projects to produce green energy, promoting the need for energy efficiency, developing active travel paths to reduce carbon emissions, or having a buy, sell, swap or free Facebook page to recycle goods.  

Just small lifestyle changes can help support carbon reduction and here at the Trust, in our efforts to help our area go greener, we make many connections with organisations for advice, support and the funding we need to achieve this.  

If you are interested in aiming for a greener lifestyle, follow the link below, where you can access details of organisations providing energy saving tips, as well as possible ways to help you save money on the path to reducing your carbon footprint.   


KPT Community Hydro: A community member had scoped out a hydro-electric scheme on the Penpont Burn a number of years ago.  In the light of new information, this project became feasible when it was found that as a community scheme it would be eligible for a SEPA licence. The hydro could generate 30kW of green electricity, roughly the amount used by 32 houses.

The cost of building this community hydro has come from KPT Joint Community Benefit Fund, Naturesave and over £180,000 from Scottish Power Energy Networks Green Economy fund.

Buccleuch Estates Ltd kindly sold us the land for the turbine house site and granted a lease for the use of their land on which the intakes would be built and the pipeline laid.

JB Hydro LLP, the main contractors, completed the construction of the scheme and following the grid connection, the hydro began operation in October 2020.

Many hours of work have gone into the planning and management of this scheme.  Over 1,500 volunteer hours contributing to the project have been recorded.

Income from the sale of this electricity, together with the Feed-in Tariff, should amount to at least £12,000 per year for the foreseeable future. This money will be used in future KPT Development Trust Projects.


HYDRO SCHEME PERFORMANCE:  After just under 12 months of operation, the scheme has generated just over 103 MegaWatt hours (MWh) of clean electricity (103,460 units). The average we would be expecting over this period is 112MWh.

In the last 9 months, there has been exceptionally low rainfall resulting in zero generation for 166 out of 273 days including all of June, July, August and much of the rest of the period. Supplications to the rain-gods have only been answered in the last few days of September and we are once again generating plenty of power. 

The government equates 103MWh as 26.4 tonnes of CO2 saved from emissions caused by electricity generation in the UK.


Home Energy Efficiency Project: Earlier this year, the Trust was awarded £2,000 through Community Energy Futures (a branch of Scottish Power Energy Networks) to investigate home energy use and promote energy efficiency.  The plan was to conduct a household survey and hold information sharing ‘Green Days’, one in each of the three communities to raise local awareness of the need for energy efficiency and giving information to help households save energy. Unfortunately Covid-19 put paid to the green days but the survey was completed.

If you would like to view the results of the survey please contact us directly. 

A number of tasks were identified and the Carbon Reduction Group are prioritising these at the moment.