Houses within the communities of Keir, Penpont and Tynron come in various shapes and sizes but there is limited opportunity for people of all ages to have the opportunity of affordable housing, whatever their need.  This fact was identified through the community consultation carried out in 2017.

Statistics show that only 13.4% of the housing stock is socially rented. This doesn’t allow for people to come and live in our area or for people who want to downsize to remain within their community.  If we are to stop the depopulation of the area and encourage people to move to the area, there has to be houses for folk to live in!


 In January 2020, the first Affordable Housing forum was held in Tynron and from those attending a working group was formed.

The group linked with D & G Small Communities Housing Trust (DGSCHT) and the first job was to launch a targeted on-line survey, to discover the needs and wants in relation to housing in our area.

This survey was open over the summer period of 2020, and the resulting report has helped to determine the next steps for the Affordable Housing group, who are continuing to work towards providing more affordable housing within our KPT communities.