In 2016 the three Community Councils of Keir, Penpont and Tynron in Mid-Nithsdale, Dumfries and Galloway came together to find a way to make best use of the small amount of wind farm money that comes into the area annually.  Firstly the community councils set up the Keir, Penpont and Tynron Joint Community Benefit fund who main aim is to distribute these wind farm funds.

In 2017 the JCBF, funded by CARES, the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme, conducted a full-scale study of the three communities; the overpowering result of this consultation was that a separate organisation be set up to take forward the key projects (and others) identified.  KPT development Trust was duly set up and became incorporated at Company House, Edinburgh on 28 March 2018.

Funding to employ a part time development officer came from KPT JCBF, ANCBC and LEADER in the first instance with a second round of funding secured from KPT JCBF, ANCBC and the Lottery.

The consultation had 4 themes – Our natural environment, Our community, Our infrastructure, Our economy and from these a long term vision for the community was set out  in our Action Plan. These are:

  • Connecting Our Communities – core paths & natural environment
  • Renewables – sustainable and renewable environmental projects
  • Community Communications – problem of low service areas and poor Wi-Fi
  • Community Hub & Village Halls – workshops & groups for all ages
  • Community Transport – convenient and cost effective travel
  • Affordable Housing – building of new affordable homes

KPTDT Company Registration ; SC592235           
OSCR Charity Number ; SCO50980

To discover more about the area we support and for further information on our three communities of Keir, Penpont and Tynron, visit KPT Community Hub.   

Maureen Halkett

Chairperson - Keir

Robert Gladstone

Treasurer - Keir

Chris Shirley

Secretary - Keir

Mel Teale

Vice-Chairperson - Penpont

Mizzy Marshall


Fiona Diamond


Sue King-Smith


Celyn Owen