Welcome to the KPT Development Trust. Our website houses all of the information on who we are, our objectives, what up and coming events we have lined-up as well as news and updates on some of our projects.

A development trust is an organisation that is community based, owned and managed. The KPT Development Trust was created to engage economic, environmental and social regeneration within the Keir, Penpont and Tynron area. By choosing to become a development trust, these communities are working together to become more sustainable, enterprising and community led.

Actively forming partnerships between community, voluntary, private and public organisations allows the trust to facilitate projects that will benefit those living within these communities.


Our core paths and natural environment are the main focus of our Track & Trails Group, who are running a number of projects to improve these in our area.

Carbon Reduction focuses on sustainable and renewable environmental projects, helping to address current climate challenges and make positive changes in our area.

Our Broadband Group works to address the problem of low service areas and poor wi-fi in our area, as well as providing advice to help improve individuals’ service. 

The Community Hub Action Team (CHAT) focus on the provision of a community space as well as the use and promotion of existing village halls, providing activities and events for each community.

Working towards convenient and cost effective community travel is the focus for the Transport group, as well as addressing future energy saving methods of developing this.  

The focus of our Affordable Housing Group is to provide affordable homes in our area in line with community need and demand.  The aim is to provide low cost energy efficient property for those in need.


KPT Development Trust aims to create a brighter future for the communities of Keir, Penpont and Tynron for the benefit of all who live, work or visit the area.


• To explore and develop our potential in whatever way we can.

• To work to support the community development of the three areas by working with residents, community groups, schools, businesses, local authority and other partners.

• To become self-sustaining.


• Be community led – you want to improve the community in some way, we can help.

• Be enterprising – allow community members to use their talents, develop and create positive partnerships.

• Be open, honest and supportive.

• Be accessible and friendly.

• Be passionate about our community.

• Be respectful – value equality and diversity.

• Be creative – thinking, doing, achieving.

• Be flexible – acknowledge change.

• Be resilient.